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Love Love Love Incense! Great way to fill the room with the smell of wonderful aromas that give a relaxing vibe. Made with all natural essential oils. Each inscene burns for 30-45 minutes. Diva Incense comes in a pack of 12 for each order. 

Short scent descriptions:


My Lilly- Blend of white amber musk


Mojito Lime- cool fresh version of the classice mojito cocktail


Sweet Juice- Ripe mango, juicy pineapple and wild berries with hints of sugar


Island Girl- Refreshing blend of tempting tropical fruits with twist of citrus and coconut


Green Apple- Tart green apples blended with hints of lemon zest, mixed berries


Attractiion- Romantic scent, mixing ligh fruit, citrus, and florals


Beautiful- Classic lilac scent with strong and sweet floral


ColdDiva- Combines the scent of ripe forest berries and soft sensual musk with notes of sweet mimosa flowers and apricots along with subtle hints of oak and juniper


Darker the Berry- Fruity scented blend of sweet black cherries with fizzy cola with a splash of vanilla and musk


Jungle Fever - Warm tones of clove and rich blend of maple wood, ginger and hints of vanilla


Lemon Drop- This yummy scent has sweet bakery scent complimented by sunny lemon notes


Lust ova Me- Romantic scent of tart crranberries, strawberries, citrus zest and a splash of white grapefruit, lavender, blueberry, creamy heliotrope, and chamomile


Mood- Fresh minty speramint and relaxing eucalyptus. Followed with notes of soft musk, amber, bergamont, and citrus


Melody- Mild, yet sweet smelling classic scent of cucumber melon


Night of Romance- Combines black cherry and warm sandalwood. Hints of lush white jasmine adding a balance for a calming effect with tones of rich vanilla bean and soft musk


Opposite Sex- Masculine scent similar to Drakkar aroma of very clean and uplifting scent.


Peppermint Patty- Classic peppermint


Strawberry- Simple and pure sweet and juicy sun fresh strawberries


Sunny Daze- Sweet orange and tangy grapefruit peel blend with a juicy fruit accord to create lift in red grape. Support with woody tones and undertone of amber


Winter Spice- Fresh fruit tones of juicy apple blend with rich spices of vanilla, warm wood tones and creamy mush


Morning Joe- Dark roasted coffee bean with a touch of chocolate


Spa Day- Notes of lemongrass, black currant with hints of patchouli, lime and sugar cane. Great use for aromatherapy


Hazel the Diva- Hazelnut coffee blend


Amaretto- Hoilday warmer of sweet almond and vanilla


My Cup of Tea- A touch of jasmine to create a truly luxurious aroma of Bergamont, lavender, mandarin, thyme and Ylang Ylang


Sweet Caramel- Sweet and Salty is the classic scent of caramel popcorn with tones of buttery popcorn, coconut, and candied pecan


Stella- Tropical fruit with layers of the most exotic fruit notes, including star fruit, lychee, dragon fruit, , mango, papaya, and hints of lime


Night life- Top notes of fresh green vine, citrus and rosemary, notes of wood, patchouli and lavender


Love Me- Valencia orange infused with red mango, casaba melon and supported notes of vanilla musk and cotton candy accord


Crushin- Bold notes of leather, tobacco, amber, and musk. Middle notes of black tea and pepper. Base notes of aged teakwood and patchouli and sandalwood


Vanilla Swirl- A sweet creamy vanilla that hints at light floral and sweet musk undertones


Strawberry and Champagne- Classic strawberry scent with buttermint candies hints of peppermint and butter and champagne essential oils


Fresh as Me- Classic essential of of fresh clean cotton linen


Black Love- Notes of ozionic green cucumber with subtle notes of sweet mint and citrus. Middle notes of casaba melon, herbal greens, and soft floral with hints of lavender. Bottom notes of vanilla bean and musk


Herbal Twist- is infused with "Island Girl" and "Diva Mary" to make a tropical yet Mary Jane experience


Mahogany Drifts - Aroma of the masculine woody Mahogany and Cedar woods rounded with floral notes

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