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Diva Linen/Room Spray


Diva Linen/Room spray is great to make any room, car, or space smell wonderful with natural essential oils. Diva Linen/Room spray is avaliable in array of scents: "Fresh as Me" which is the classic fresh cotton oil and "Black Ice" the classic car airfreshner that gives the masculine aroma. "Strawberry", "Peach, and "Ocean Breeze".


Please check label for ingredients use in the product to avoid allegric reactions.

It is best to test a small amount in desired area of use. Not intended to be use on skin. Keep out of reach of children and eyes. This is meant for EXTERNAL USE ONLY and will not be accountable for improper use of any items purchased or recieved from Colddiva Collections.

Ingredients: Water, Polysorbate 20 & 80, ethyl alcohol, essential oil frangrance.

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